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About Us

Career Journey’s Mission

Helping adults create the work life they want.

Why Career Journeys?

We consistently receive feedback from our clients that we provide:

  1. A supportive and open environment needed to discuss career concerns
  2. A holistic approach taking into consideration how career impacts all parts of life
  3. A counseling philosophy centered on partnership – not dictatorship.  We know that people have the knowledge they need to move forward in their career.  Our counselors and online resources are there to help people unlock or focus that knowledge.
  4. A real solution that works for people right now in their lives– not a forced push to change just for change’s sake!
  5. Counselors who love what they do, are well-trained, passionate about helping people in their working lives and committed to each person they work with!

Career Journeys – WMBE (Women and Minority Owned Enterprise)