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Career Journeys – WMBE (Women and Minority Owned Enterprise)

Professional Career Counselors/Coaches provide remote or in-person career coaching services to employees. Examples of work can include but not limited to:

  • A technically competent employee needing help flexing her style when interacting with colleagues and/or clients
    Counseling solution: Assessing style, how to better flex with others, how to communicate effectively with other people, listening skills
  • A manager needs to better understand his team and how to effectively manage to various styles
    Counseling solution: Assessing own style and team style, how to better flex with others, providing employee coaching based on style
  • An employee needs one-on-one help setting her career goals and determining herĀ  next career move
    Counseling solution: Interest, values and personality assessment, career decision making and action planning
  • An employee needs one-on-one help writing his resume or preparing for an interview for an internal position.
    Counseling solution: Assistance with resume writing and mock interviewing.
Career Development Approach Overview

Please enjoy this overview of how we look at career development. Many have found the framework helpful.

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The Career Journeys Team

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