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Career Development Approach Overview


Career development is an ongoing lifelong process. At Career Journeys, we believe that there are three key elements to career development which include:

Gaining Clarity

Understanding what you want and need in your career

Involves getting a better understanding of what you want and need in your career. This can include introspection and self evaluation of skills, interests, personality, values, world views, etc. as well as learning more about the world of work and occupational options. It is important to make the connection between you and the world of work as you begin your decision making. Once greater clarity is gained, it’s time to take action.

Taking Action

Creating movement in your career, no matter how big or small

Involves making career decisions which could range from staying at your current job, but changing your mindset, getting a new job, or shifting occupations all together. Action might mean a job search, a change within your current organization, setting new goals, taking on a new attitude, starting a business, changing occupations all together, going back to school, creating a resume, practicing interviewing skills, reinventing yourself, etc. Taking action means creating movement in your career, however big or small it may be.

Staying Motivated

Maintaining the right mindset

Involves maintaining the right mindset to create the momentum you need in your career. Staying motivated and committed to your career can be easy at times and difficult at others, but attitude and support from others often determines one’s success and well-being in career and life.

Career Development Approach Overview

Please enjoy this overview of how we look at career development. Many have found the framework helpful.

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