You have probably heard a lot about emotional intelligence (EQ) but wonder, "why it is important or how can it impact my career?" Now more than ever, being a valuable asset in your job, building your skills, and creating value in the workplace is critical.

 Emotional intelligence can help you: 

  • Be indispensable 

  • Develop a solid work reputation 

  • Successfully diffuse difficult situations

  • Manage any personality style successfully  

  • Master stress and stressful situations with calm and clarity

Research has shown that success at work or in life depends 80% on EQ and 20% on IQ.  While strong cognitive intelligence can be the price of entry into the world of work, going from good to great rests on your skills in emotional intelligence. Working with people hasn’t gone away, it’s just gone virtual! 


Take this time to build critical career skills to help ensure your career marketability and job place success. I have spent years in corporate America successfully building and delivering Emotional Intelligence programs for Fortune 500 companies who are redefining their workplace culture. I have seen first hand the professional transformation of those who focus on developing their EQ.  Because folks continue to ask me about EQ, I wanted to unlock the corporate closet and share my favorite strategies to help you upskill during this challenging moment.

To be of service, I am offering a 90% discount on EQ training for individuals who want to leverage this critical set of skills to support their career success.  Delivered in a small group virtual classroom, sign up early as these sessions will fill quickly. 

$125 per online course includes:

One-hour live Zoom webinar

Q&A to ask your specific questions

All materials

Bundle both courses for $199! 

Bundle pricing for a limited time only: Buy both in advance for $199 by May 18. 

Course Dates:

Stress Tolerance

Wednesday, May 20, 12-1 p.m. PST


Wednesday, May 27, 12-1 p.m. PST

Building Stress Tolerance: The Key To Effective Emotional Control 

Stress is here to stay. The key is, how do you effectively manage your reactions to it? Take a deeper look at how to maintain a clear head and emotional control even in high stress moments.  In this session, we will focus on building stress tolerance to further access your emotional intelligence, a key tool for successful work and personal presence.  You will learn ways to identify emotional triggers and create strategies to effectively manage reactions to maintain calm and clarity. This session includes a 60-minute webinar, materials and a Q&A with Serena where you can ask your specific stress tolerance and emotional intelligence questions. 


Limit 15 people 

May 20, 2020, 12-1 p.m. PST

“Very helpful! I appreciated the experiential learning of how big & positive of an impact this had on my mood & thinking.”

Empathy: The Key To Diffusing Difficult Situations

Understand how empathy can help you be more objective, free from having “all the answers,”and build connection and trust in difficult situations. Understand the difference between empathy and its very different counterpart, sympathy. Begin to use empathy as a powerful interpersonal tool to maximize your professional effectiveness while staying in emotional control and creating a valuable work reputation. This session includes a 60-minute webinar, materials, and a Q&A with Serena where you can ask your empathy and emotional intelligence questions. 


Limit 15 people 

May 27, 2020,12-1 p.m. PST 

“Thank you Serena for your informative, eye-opening course.”

“You made these topics so interesting and easy to understand and apply.”

Serena Santillanes, MS, NCC, MCC, LPCC

President of Career Journeys

Serena is the Founder of Career Journeys, Inc. Over 20 years ago, she formed a clear vision of creating a company that uniquely provided career development services to both individuals and organizations.  Career Journeys, Inc. has been the successful realization of her lifelong dream!

She has been the creator of innovative career development programs for prominent universities, organizations and corporate teams. She has assisted thousands of career transitioning adults in realizing their professional aspirations.  Her experience includes career program/product development and evaluation, leadership development and coaching, facilitation and presentation delivery, curriculum design, creation of online career programs, team building, and assessment selection/interpretation.

As a career consultant, Serena has taken part in evaluating and designing customized career and professional development programs for organizations like Southern California Edison, Edison International, Hulu, Disney, CalArts, Dominican University and alumni career programs for Scripps College, Claremont School of Theology, USC and Caltech.


Serena has designed and delivered hundreds of resume and interviewing sessions for diverse company work group(s) including enterprise wide sessions on internal mobility and reduction in force. She has created and facilitated hundreds of MBTI® team sessions, company wide emotional intelligence programs, and leadership development programs for both organizations and individual clients.


Serena has provided high-level consulting services to such organizations as: Disney, BHP Billiton, NBCUniversal, Asplundh, Hulu, Opus Bank, SCE, Edison International, Orange County Community Colleges, USC, Caltech, Scripps College, University of Miami, and Trinity University, to name a few.


She also serves as an adjunct faculty member at California State University, Northridge in their Educational Psychology and Counseling graduate program where she has prepared future career, college and psychology professionals in honing their "real-world" skills. Serena works with community colleges throughout Southern California providing professional development and train-the-trainer services for counselors. 

As an accomplished industry leader, Serena is a highly sought-after speaker. Her advice has been used by news media including ABC and CBS for insightful commentary on today’s pressing topics such as, the impact our economy has had on adults facing career transition.  Serena has been the President of the California Career Development Association, a keynote speaker for the San Diego Association for Psychological Type three separate times, a featured speaker at USC Women’s Conference, a keynote speaker for USC’s “Ignite Your Career” Encore Trojan Event, featured speaker at the College and University Association for Human Resources on “Creating an Institutional Fit: Strategies for Recruiting the Right Candidate,” a panelist at SHRM Inland Empire’s event on “Human Resources Trends” as well as featured speaker on interviewing strategies for hiring practices and how to have career conversations with your employees. 

She is also a published author on the topic of Personal Branding and Leveraging Your Uniqueness for a text on Communication and Training and Development, Kendall Hunt Publishing. Serena holds a Master of Science in Counseling, Career Counseling from California State University, Northridge and a Baccalaureate degree in Mass Communications from the University of California at Berkeley.

Recognized Expertise in:

  • Leadership Development and Talent Management 

  • Employee and Executive Coaching 

  • Executive Presence, Emotional Intelligence, Leveraging Personality Style, Personal and Leadership Branding and Career Management 

  • Training and Team Building  

Certifications and Experience Using:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, DiSC

  • Strong Interest Inventory®

  • EQi-2.0 Emotional Intelligence (individual and 360 versions)

  • DDI Leadership Mirror 360 

  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor 

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