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Career Journeys has provided corporate career services for over a decade!

We provide career services for companies, from small to large (non-profit and for-profit). Our unique capabilities include:

  • Extensive corporate career experience delivering trainings and coaching to over 10,000 people within the past 14 years.
  • Graduate level training in career development, adult career issues, assessment, multi-cultural and multi-generational needs.
  • Ability to clearly identify unique career needs of a variety of employees including: executive management, represented employees as well as professional and administrative staff.
  • Able to deliver a full spectrum of in-person as well as online services, from subject-matter expertise to technology capabilities, all in-house.
  • Consistent outstanding evaluations and feedback from years of service resulting in continuous repeat work and project invitations.

Career Journeys – WMBE (Women and Minority Owned Enterprise)

Additional Corporate Services
Team Building

Designed to provide your team with a better understanding of style and how to work more effectively with each other.

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Career Training and Curriculum Design

Includes career planning, resume writing, interviewing, business writing and more (can be customized for your objectives).

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Leadership Development

The Leadership Challenge, Leading High Functioning Teams, Managing Change and Transition, Performance Management Process, and Development Planning

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Corporate Career Services Design

Create, Redesign and Market Corporate Career Services (can be customized for your specific work environment or team need).

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Career Coaching

Professional Career Counselors/Coaches provide remote or in-person career coaching services to employees

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Career Technology Services

Enhance your Corporate Career Services with our Career Technology Services (can be customized for your specific work environment or team need).

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