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Welcome to Career Journey’s Resume Services

Resumes are often the first test of your candidacy and a well prepared resume opens doors to interview rooms and career opportunities.  While you may excel in your chosen field, not everyone has the ability to state their most salient qualifications in a format that is visually appealing, concise, compelling and creditable–

Concise, grabbing the reader’s attention within 5 to 15 seconds because that is how long it takes to toss a resume that is not compelling, addressing your target employer’s interests and needs with creditable and substantive information that distinguishes you from other job seekers.

Unique Capabilities:

  • All Career Journeys resumes are concise, compelling and creditable.
  • We never use templates, canned phrases or generic descriptors.
  • Our Certified Resume Writing Professional (CRWP) has critiqued, edited and written hundreds of resumes resulting in countless opportunities and interviews for men and women of diverse professional backgrounds.
  • Our CRWP is also a professional career counselor who can attune to your resume needs looking at your entire career story.

Career Journeys offers resume options to meet varying needs and budgets, whether it’s a resume critique or full rewrite.  To ensure quality and integrity, all Career Journeys resumes Include:

  • A confidential telephone call with our Career Journey’s Certified Resume Writing Professional (CRWP) who will personally write your resume
  • Thorough editing and completed resume in Word, PDF and ASCII formats
  • Guidelines and considerations when posting your resume to emails, job boards, with head hunters and on employment sites
  • A 30 day guarantee – if you do not receive an interview offer within 30 days your resume will be rewritten free of charge
  • Resumes have a 72 hour turn-around time for initial draft unless otherwise specified