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Please note that all courses can be customized to meet the needs of your alumni or current student population.  Additional career and professional development related courses are available and can be created.

Job Search ToolBox

Create a winning resume and cover letter that gets noticed, understand the ins and outs of interviewing and how to market your skills successfully and begin to create a job search plan with resources and tips for networking and exploring the hidden job market.  Pull this all together and you have the tools and resources necessary to get you started on your job search.  Audience: alumni or current students

Welcome Back: The Ins and Outs Of Returning To The Workforce

Learn strategies for re-entering the workforce after an extended break whether you became a parent, took care of an ill parent or took time off after a layoff.  Whatever the reason, learn strategies to help you succeed and resume tips to help you with potential gaps!  Audience: alumni

Job Transitions: Making A Change Without Leaving Your Job

Gain tips and strategies to help you advance, change your mindset, take on new roles and responsibilities in your current job.  Learn how to communicate with your boss to make it happen! Audience: alumni

How Long Will It Take: Staying Motivated In Making A Career or Job Change

Gain tips and strategies to help you get and stay motivated to make your career or job change when it is so easy to return to old habits and get easily discouraged. Audience: alumni


This course will help participants better understand what networking is and is NOT including the use of social networking. Learn etiquette and create your own networking plan to use for everything from a job search to connecting with others in your organization.  Audience: alumni or current students

Career Exploration Session

What are my career interests? I am thinking about a career change and not sure how to make it?  How do I make a career decision?  This session offers an overview of the career planning and exploration process , more about career assessments, the ins and outs of career decision making and how to stay motivated in your career planning. Audience: alumni or current students

Career Development Approach Overview

Please enjoy this overview of how we look at career development. Many have found the framework helpful.

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The Career Journeys Team

Find out more about the people who will be helping you along the way to a better career.

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