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Client Testimonials

“After over a year of providing services, client has accepted a job offer with an international nonprofit that seeks to cure third world disease.”

“Thank you so much for giving me this mock interview. I had some much fun and simultaneously learned a lot. You have been extremely helpful since the first day I walked in your office. I am actually feeling very good about myself and tomorrow’s interview. Because of the mock interview, I can definitely have a good sleep tonight. I will definitely keep you posted about my progress.”

“Success! Job offer extended! Thanks so much for helping me realize my potential.”

“The counselor was very knowledgeable and able to suggest a lot of worthwhile ideas and strategies. She was extremely useful in helping me figure out what career I wanted to pursue.”

“I received many comments on your presentation.  The majority included how well it was customized for us; how well you were able to connect and educate those of us with a higher understanding of MBTI as well as those with an entry-level knowledge; your humor and delivery; your patience and ability to answer questions and effectively move through questions that we didn’t have time for.  You are a fantastic speaker, facilitator, and practitioner.  You were exactly what I was hoping for.”

“Great ideas/research strategies to learn about grad schools. It helped me to retake the Strong Interest Inventory now that I have worked for a while and I know more clearly what I like and do not like. Afterwards I had a better idea of what resources were out there to help me change careers/go to grad school.”

“It was a pleasure meeting you in person today.  Thank you for taking the time to speak with me, and thank you for the excellent presentation.”

“We talked several times to figure out what my passions are. Basically, the sessions really helped me to articulate what it is that I am good at and enjoy.”

“The understanding of my strengths and how they apply to the work force as well as her positive attitude.”

“I enjoyed the webinar that you gave last month.”