Corporate and Organizational Services

Whether you need facilitation, team building, curriculum or coaching, our services are designed to take your specific needs and create just the right solution for your team, department, or company. With years of experience providing high quality consulting work, let us take some of the to-do’s off your list. We are here to support your people, your company, and your success!

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Team Building

Customized curriculum and expert facilitation including:

  • Building Effective Team Communication

  • Recognizing and Adjusting to Different Styles 

  • Spotting Style In Email  

  • Managing Team Conflict 

  • Assessing Your Team's Emotional Intelligence

  • Leveraging Your Team's Strengths 

  • Designing Your Team's Vision, Mission and Norms


Leadership Development

​Expertise in designing and delivering leader focused sessions including: 

  • Understanding Your Personality and How It Impacts Your Leadership Style 

  • Using Your Style To Make Stronger Leadership Decisions

  • Creating and Leveraging Your Leadership Brand 

  • How Your Stress Impacts the Team 

  • Spotting Style Differences and Adjusting Your Communication 

  • Developing Your Emotional Intelligence for Successful Leadership 

  • Using Empathy to Create a Collaborative Work Environment

  • How to Have a Career Conversation with Your Employee

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Executive and Employee Coaching

Coaching leader and employee issues including:

  • Building Executive Presence 

  • Managing Different Personality Styles Effectively 

  • Adjusting to a New Team 

  • Managing Your Conflict Style 

  • How to Have a Career Conversation with Your Manager 

  • Assessing and Leveraging Your Emotional Intelligence 

  • How to Effectively Manage Your Career 

  • Assessing and Leveraging Your Personality Style at Work 

  • Internal Mobility - Interview and Résumé Consulting and Best Practices