Career Wellness Quiz Results

On the Right Track

70% and above

Indicates you're ready and willing to be in charge of your career development. You've got a clear understanding of what's necessary to be successful in career management and career enhancement. You're likely pursuing career activities as a normal practice. You see the benefit of time spent on these actions in an effort to maintain your career sustainability. 

Keep up the good work or get support from a career coach on additional areas you could work on to maintain your career resilience! 

Getting There

40 - 69%

There's no need to panic-yet! Review the statements where you've checked "no." This is a wake-up call. Write down three steps you can take to make yourself more career sustainable. Get started today. Use these steps and your "no" statements to create an action plan on your own or with a career coach.

May Need a Hand

0 - 39%

Consider taking action to help you compete in today's job market. Don’t put your career at risk.  Begin your career planning today on your own or with a career coach.

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